Echo Yachts - Australia's answer to OCEANFAST

Echo Yachts, really "Dare to be Different". Since their beginning, Echo Yacht's have hit the ground running with the build of the world's largest Luxury tri-hull, 84m WHITE RABBIT.

Echo Yachts have made their mark on the world as being capable of building any luxury build, as they are highly skilled and made up of a team that traditionally built monohull superyachts. Many of the team were trained at Oceanfast, a world renowned shipbuilder that operated out of the same location as Echo Yachts. Their latest project is no exception in international quality and visionary style, they have been regarded as building one of the world's most innovative yachts.

They are as advanced in skill as they are in precision, build times and high tech resources, their transparent, open book business dealing also set them apart from the rest as a new bench mark for yacht building.

Keep an eye out for this shipyard as they maintain their stake in Australia as being world class superyacht builders.

For more information contact Chris Blackwell or Jurien Van-Rongen, as seen in the photograph below.

Contact phone +61 8 6555 4988, or email

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