Sterling / Scott are leaders in the Super Yacht industry.  Their first new build 73m AXIOMA won an award at the  prestigious 2014  "World Class Super Yacht Awards". 76m REBORN (ex-BOADICEA), their first refit was also nominated for design excellence and is considered one of the largest refits to date.

The designer Diana Scott is devoted to every design, giving each yacht an individual character using the principles of organic, lean, flowing or angular lines. The designs orientate around a client wish list, with the philosophy that "anything can be achieved". The layouts reflect the exterior with harmony, like an organism inside and out.  The yachts are focused on breathtaking beauty externally with abundant features filtering throughout the yacht's deck plans, both internally and externally.

From all angles, each Sterling / Scott yacht evokes movement through the masterful lines that shape the yacht so effortlessly. Even though each yacht has been created with time and care, the end result promotes a feeling of sheer pleasure and reassurance that the design will be timeless, enjoyed and invested, just like a piece of art, for many years to come.

Sterling / Scott, are innovative in Exterior Super Yacht Design, specializing in custom designs in new builds and refit projects.

Their designs include the initial layout plan to ensure the interior layout co-ordinates with the exterior design.

 The styles produced by Sterling / Scott are described as elegant, with flowing crisp, clean lines, characterized as facets or tension curves. The decks are balanced and particular attention is given to the exterior 3D shapes from every angle, giving detail and perspective to the final outcome.


photo by Superyachts Media